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Turkey sits astride Europe and Asia and has for millennia been a meeting place at which cultures from north, south, east and west have passed through, blended and come into conflict.  We offer regular tours, each following a different theme and all include a sector cruising the Aegean coast in a chartered yacht.  Custom tours are available on request.

From the Mausoleum of Halicarnasus to legendary Troy, we traverse the cities of the Aegean, visit the battlefields of Gallipoli and conclude  with several days exploring  the great city of Istanbul.  The tours combines expert guidance through the archaeological sites, both well known and obscure, with chances to indulge in the natural beauty, rich contemporary culture and the legendary cuisine of Turkey.

We visit and learn about the bazaars and mosques of Istanbul, the city of King Midas, the home of the Mother Goddess, streets walked by Homer and battlefields of WWI in this walking journey through Turkey, the great cultural confluence of Europe and Asia.


  • Walk the ancient alleys of Istanbul and sail upon its harbour
  • Visit the Blue Mosque & the Topkapi Palace
  • The Ilhara Gorge with its Byzantine churches carved directly out of the cliff walls
  • The magnificent archaeological sites of Ephesus, Pergamum, Troy & Aspendos
  • The fairy-tale cave dwellings and underground cities of Cappadocia
  • 7 days sailing along the south coast of Turkey on board a 30m yacht, a locally designed gulet
  • Swim in sheltered coves and walk pine-clad ridges of the Aegean Coast
  • Follow the tracks of the ANZACs from Anzac Cove to Lone Pine at Gallipoli
  • Dine on the finest Turkish cuisine with an opportunity to learn how to prepare some of the dishes yourself

Taste of the Sultans

Travelling by bus and boat, this tour explores the origins and practice of the Turkish cooking, sampling the delights of village cooking and experiencing the blend of flavours which places Turkish cookery at the forefront of world cuisine. The cruise sector sails around the Turkish shoreline, cooking on board and watching meals prepared in villages around the coast. Our guide and mentor is Suleyman, an internationally renowned Turkish chef.

From Mother Goddess to Gallipoli: An Archaeological Odyssey

Beginning at the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations in Ankara, we travel through the Turkish heartland of the Anatolian Plateau, home of the mother goddess at Çatalhöyük and the great Hittite empire, via the majestic Taurus Mountains to the Aegean Sea and some of the wonders of Classical civilization. From the Mausoleum of Halicarnasus to legendary Troy, we traverse the cities of the Aegean, visit the battlefields of Gallipoli and conclude with several days exploring the old city of Istanbul.

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