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South Africa

Origins & Ancestors:
South Africa & Namibia

South Africa has been a major player in the research of human evolution since the discovery of the first proto-human in 1924. It now has the largest collection of fossil hominids discovered anywhere on earth. Few people have ever had the opportunity of seeing the excavations or the material upon which the whole theory of human evolution is based. Through close connection with the museums and universities involved in this research, we are able to offer a unique hands-on experience of the sites, skulls and scholars who are at the forefront of evolutionary study. None of these are open to the public.

Southern Africa has also led the research into the environmental background to the emergence of humans - the climate, flora and fauna which stimulated these events. Accordingly, we will supplement this unique hominid experience with a visit to game reserves in two very different ecological regions. The first is Lindbergh in the flat interior massif of southern Africa. The other is to one of the premier conservation reserves in South Africa, the Lapalala Wilderness reserve in the Waterberg conservancy in the northern Transvaal. We shall also visit rock engravings, prehistoric paintings, Stone Age and Iron Age sites in South Africa and Namibia.

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