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Our itineraries are structured to take in a diverse range of Spanish environments: from the Mediterranean coast, across the Meseta, through the mountain ranges and into the Basque country.  Through time, these varied landscapes have been inhabited by people with an equally diverse range of cultures, and the evidence of the former occupants is still visible within the modern populations and perceptible within the art and architecture of their cities and towns.

The archaeological sites, cities and towns selected for this tour provide a glimpse of the past through sites that include Neolithic dolmens, Celt-Iberian villages, Roman cities, Visigothic towns, Muslim cities and mosques, the castles of the Reconquista, Mudejar architecture and the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance churches of the later periods.


  • Explore the city of Madrid on foot and see its wonderful galleries and museums;
  • The vibrant city of Barcelona and the architecture of Gaudi;
  • The forested hills of the Basque country;
  • The castles of the Reconquest; The royal palaces at Sevilla and Granada the Alhambra;
  • Walk through the white-washed villages of the Alpujarras on the flanks of the Sierra Nevadas;
  • The Great Mezquita (Mosque) of Cordoba;
  • Walk through the spectacular landscapes of Andalucia;
  • Dine on tapas washed down with fine wines.

El Camino de Santiago

We offer a walking tour following in the footsteps of the pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. While this is a walking tour, we use our own bus to transport are luggage from town to town and stay in hotels along the way.

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