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Chile: A Land of Extremes

Travelling between 18 and 54 degrees south, this tour will take in the extremes of the country: from the absolute desert of the Atacama to the glaciers of the south. We will explore the geography, geology, wildlife and archaeology of the country and see how the environment played such an important role in the cultural development of these regions.

Beginning in the far north at Arica, we will move south to the Atacama desert. There we will visit archaeological sites from the Archaic Period (> 5,000 yrs ago) through to the Inca outposts. Visiting areas of geological interest and the spectacular scenery of the High Puna, we will then move to the far south to visit Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and the Torres del Paine National Park, with an option to cruise to the face of the Grey Glacier. We then travel north to visit the island of Chiloé and the verdant green mountains of the Lakes District.


"Our business is in ruins..."