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An Andean Adventure:
Chile, Bolivia & Peru

Traveling through Chile, Bolivia and Peru this tour will provide a basic understanding of the cultures of the Central Andean Region of South America, both past and present.  This study tour will provide a learning experience while traveling through mountains, high plain, desert and highland lakes, visiting both well-known and reconstructed sites as well as others whose remains are more obscure and rarely visited.  We aim to demonstrate how present cultures are but the sum of their past, the present being merely part of the continuum that is human history.

The theme of the tour will trace the Inca Empire from its southern periphery in the Atacama Desert to its inner sanctum in Cusco.  En route we will also visit a range of sites that present evidence of many of the cultures that either pre-date or were contemporaneous with the Inca.  The focus is on the development of local indigenous cultures and will include lectures on site, open discussion and ample time to explore at your own pace.


  • Experience the ethereal beauty and vastness of the Atacama Desert;
  • Marvel at the scope and spectacle of the Andes mountain range;
    See the oldest mummies in the world – the Chinchorro of Arica (> 7,000 years old);
  • Explore and shop in the Indian markets of La Paz;
  • Relax while crossing Lake Titicaca to visit the Island of the Sun, the legendary birthplace of the Sun;
  • Trace the remnants of the Inca Capital and explore beautiful colonial Cusco;
  • Experience the spectacle that is Machu Picchu – the ‘Lost City of the Inca’;
  • For the more adventurous – spend four days walking the Inca Trail visiting ruins inaccessible by road and experience sunrise and sunset high in the Andes, below glaciers and snow-capped peaks.


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