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Apart from planning and running cultural tours world-wide, Time Travel Australia also provides education services in the areas of archaeology, history and heritage. In fact, one of our main aims is to make archaeology and history accessible and exciting for all, not just a discipline that requires university study.

Through our subsidiary, Archaeology Australia, we teach a range of courses designed for a range of students – from primary school through to mature age, as well as providing technical advice to professional groups covering heritage management and issues related to compliance with relevant legislation.

Our team is experienced in the design and delivery of courses, workshops and seminars. We have run courses and workshops for universities, primary schools, secondary schools and special interest groups such as the University of the Third Age and Shire Councils.

We have access to a range of tutors from disciplines associated with archaeology and history such as anthropology (both cultural and physical), Aboriginal studies, geology, geography, geomorphology, environmental science, human ecology, earth sciences, botany and biology. We also are able to undertake language workshops relevant to the countries we visit. Group tours are able to include pre-departure language training in their overall package.

We would be pleased to discuss our educational services with any organization that could use our services. While we are based in Canberra , we are regularly travel to other areas in NSW to deliver our courses. We also utilise the facilities of the ANU Coastal Campus at Kioloa, South Coast, NSW, to run field workshops.

The following lists a sample of the subjects that we have presented in short courses and/or seminars:

Archaeology – An Introduction

Archaeological Field Techniques – Practical Workshop

Australian Prehistory

Classical Archaeology: Greece & Turkey

Conquest of the New World: the Spanish in the Americas

Dealing with the Dead

Early Britain

From Neanderthals to Columbus : the Archaeology of Spain

Historic Ireland

In Search of Atlantis

In Search of King Arthur

Mining in Colonial Australia

Mummies: Ritual & Practice

Neolithic Turkey

Origins & Ancestors: An Introduction to Human Evolution

Pyramids and Temples : the Archaeology of Egypt

Raiders or Traders: the Vikings

Rapa Nui: the Mystery of Easter Island

Tasmania 's Heritage

The Archaeology of Central & South America

The History & Heritage of South Australia

Who were the Celts?


We are also able to provide professional assistance with the development and implementation of courses on heritage management and issues relating to development applications and compliance with the Heritage Act (NSW) and the National Parks and Wildlife Act (NSW) .


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