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Meet Your Group Leaders

Christopher Carter - Principal

After a varied career, ranging from construction work to the public service, Christopher graduated from the Australian National University (ANU) in 1994 with a First Class Honours degree in Archaeology. Following graduation, he was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship for study toward a Master of Arts degree. Since graduation he has worked as professional archaeologist, as a consultant on both prehistoric and historic projects as well as casual teaching contracts. He continues to carry out research and is currently involved in the investigation of prehistoric sites in the Atacama region of Northern Chile.

While working as a professional in the field, Christopher's passion has been the promotion of archaeology through public awareness and education and the presentation of recreational courses and organised study tours. He has been presenting a range of courses in archaeology at the Centre for Continuing Education at the ANU and the University of Sydney since 1995 and as a result of student interest began taking groups into the field. This activity has expanded from local weekend trips to now include tours worldwide.

Chris Carter
Juan Cardenas

Juan Cardenas

Juan is a graduate of the University of Cusco. He is a freelance guide and is Time Travel's representative in Peru. While qualified in history and archaeology, he also has a strong interest in flora and fauna and is able to seek out the rare orchids of the Machu Picchu cloud forest or find birds in the Amazon jungles. Whether leading two or twenty people, Juan provides a personal service and makes sure that everyone is comfortable and happy. Juan is also a trained paramedic.

Dr Inga Simpson

Dr Inga Simpson

Dr Inga Simpson is the author of Mr Wigg and Nest, which was longlisted for the Stella Prize, Miles Franklin Literary Award, and shortlisted for the ALS Gold Medal.

She has a PhD in Creative Writing (UQ), and is currently completing a! second PhD in English literature, which examines Australian history of nature writing and its potential as an environmental strategy. Inga is also the winner of the 2012 (final) Eric Rolls Nature Writing Prize.

Ingas tours focus on nature writing and the relevant literature of the countries visited. She also conducts writing workshops in the field.

Oscar del Pozo

Half a century ago, before you could see far away places by watching the television, Oscar was born in Argentina. There, his desire to explore farther than the next hill grew and grew, until one day his curiosity got the better of him. He packed his bags, and left for Australia, where he made his home, and spent most of his life.

Everything he knows, he has learned here. However, that desire to see beyond the next hill has never left him, and he is now at home wherever he is working, be it the neat avenues of Canberra, or the serpentine suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Oscar is a painter, and has studied at the ANU, specializing in identity and its representations. He has traveled several times to Europe, and engaged as tour guide, explaining art in the museums of Spain. He has also traveled to Chile, Bolivia and Peru, assisting with the language and advising about the arts. And, of course, he has spent long periods in Argentina.

His knowledge of arts and customs abroad make his an experienced and qualified guide.

Oscar del Pozo
"Our business is in ruins..."