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About Us

Time Travel Australia provides small group tours specialising in areas of archaeological and historical interest in all areas of the world. While our tours have an emphasis on education, we aim to advance learning through experience within the cultures visited.

Our tours are instructive, informative and good fun. Learn more about yourself while you learn about those from other lands and cultures both past and present. We visit areas of historical interest round the world including Central and South America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. Our itineraries do not only take in the well- known sites but also include visits to a range of lesser known and rarely visited places that collectively contribute to the cultural evolution and development of particular regions.

Our philosophy in both education and travel is to instil a desire to learn more about ourselves and fellow humans through a better understanding of both past and present cultures. We do not only visit 'ruins'. To study the past we must also experience the present and our tours also explore the modern cultures of the countries we visit. This includes the experience of local cuisine, music and dance.

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